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i love los angeles

I was recently in LA for 2.5 weeks and went to a couple of shows (The Waking Hours and Big City Rock at the Troubadour on 8/10 and Rilo Kiley at Amoeba Records on 8/17). I was extremely excited when i saw Jacques at both shows taking pictures. I only talked to him for a brief moment at the Troubadour, but i asked him for a quick picture because i never got one when he was still with phantom planet. (it was always "i'll get one next time"). anyway, it was good to see him again. I was surprised that he [sort of] remembered me from April.

hooray for jacques and his orange headphones:

(hah. ignore the bra strap. my arm was so numb from sunburn that i didn't even notice it was down. whoops)

i didn't converse with him at amoeba records because he was busy chatting it up with tennessee thomas. and he was talking on his cell phone when he passed me as he was leaving the store.
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