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...It's been awhile

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unlike silly anonymous poster, i feel your pain. i miss him too...
*clings to jb*

i just miss seeing them live. i have yet to see them without jb. but hey he is still doing his thing!
I miss Jacques more than I can say. I dont know if I could bare to see Phantom Planet play wihtout him. Not that they'er not any good witout him, they are, but it wouldnt be the same. I wonder what good ol Jacques is up to these days. Could he just study photography and still be in the band? Sigh....


October 31 2004, 16:12:53 UTC 12 years ago

what in the name of all that is a photographer, jewish, and has a french name are we going to do without jb? rather, what have we been doing without jb? i miss him SO much! i wonder if he's still a music student...?