slippin' out the back exit (outthebackdoor) wrote in jbfc,
slippin' out the back exit

Jack's Mannequin

So I hear Jacques is touring with a band called Jack's Mannequin, a side project of a member of Something Corporate... There'd been some talk of this band over at the PP community a while ago, but no details were revealed. Anybody know anything about Jacques' involvement in it?

Jacques playing guitar again... this just evokes memories of those days... when he was in Phantom Planet. ah, the good JBFC days. I miss the platonic boy-love. I miss clean-cut gap model Alex. I miss the green/orange color scheme of the message boards. And... God, remember how much LOVE there used to be within this band? Mourn the death of the love.

I have just made myself so sad.
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wow. what a slap in the face to phantom planet's remains.

i thought he quit because he was "sick of playing." i thought i read that somewhere... the difference between jason's departure and jacques' departure was that jason left still loving music, and jacques was tired of it. but i suppose jacques probably didn't realize he missed it that much after he left.
or something.
yeah, I know... you're probably right. He played with OK Go at some anti-bush bake sale last year, in the place of Andy who allegedly has "a crippling fear of baked goods" according to Jorge. (hahaha) He definitely still dabbles, but I guess his heart just isn't in it anymore. I think I'm going to go see Jack's Mannequin when they come to NY this month, just out of curiosity.

we can only speculate about what happened to this band. I mean, there's a deviation between what we're told and what really happened. Obviously I won't go off theorizing about the supposed drama that tore the band apart, but I do suspect something more than just band members departing "on good terms".
yeah i heard about that too but i only know as much as the next person. i do miss the fact that jb will never be seen onstage with pp playing but i guess its no fun to have another passion and be stuck with something he's lost interest in. i must say i miss the JBFC too. and this is unrelated but i miss the PPF message boards before darren/suzanne went rip shit and made it boring.
I'd be nostalgic about that too, if it weren't way, way, way after the green and orange color scheme era. tooootally different group of people and totally differnt vibe.
back when the boards were orange and green(Which i loved)it seemed more coller then,but i never attempted to join for some it's pretty boring in there :(

and now i'm a little ocnfused,jacques is in another band?! what happend to "he wasn't happy playing music anymore" and all that? in a way i still wish he didnt leave PP...he seemed to be the anchor in that band,but ahh well.

anyway,i've never heard of this band called "jack's mannequin".if anyone goes and sees them,can ya tell everyone else on here how their music sounds?
yeah, he's playing with jack's mannequin. there's a community for the band on livejournal, jacks_mannequin.

they're alright. to me it sounds just like something corporate, nothing different.
wow, that just made me really sad now. i feel like i'm never going to see jacques again. *has blank heart-broken little kid expression*